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Camp 42 2011 – Photos

Camp42 is over and out for this year. Once again it was a blast, gathering the rollerblading gang from all over Denmark – even a few Swedes and Germans showed up for this madness…

With free Redbull and a hotdog-stand at the skatepark, everyone was set for creative skating, tech swichtups and big hammers.

Thanks to Anders K. Hauerholt and everyone else involved in putting up this event – and big props to to everyone who showed up and joined in on the action! Weekends like this is part of what makes rollerblading so fucking awsome – see you all again next year!

Best Trick:

Ryan Josol


1st place: Ralf Monnerup

2nd place: Dave Gehlert

3rd place: Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen


1st place: Jack Ekholm

2nd place: Otto Clausen

3rd place: Theodor Reumert

Photos by David Grant

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