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Jonas Hansson Interview

Jonas Hansson shooting at SRSC 2010

RAD: Hello Jonas, how is everything?

JONAS: Besides barely getting rid of the flue, and growing ever so tired of sitting in front of a computer screen, ten hours a day on average for the last four months… Things are really good, a year and a half of working on the same project is nearly complete. Starting to feel a sense of accomplishment, damn it:)

Kåre Lindberg - Alley-oop soul revert 360 (In Traitement)

RAD: You don’t need the big introduction, people have seen your last film ‘Flygt’ 11.200 times on Vimeo. And you were the first guy to give away your newly produced movie ‘Adapt’ for free on the internet. So what we want to know is a little bit about where you grew up and how you started to skate?

JONAS: I grew up in the suburbs of Copenhagen, I think like a lot of kids back then (95/96) I got exposed to rollerblading through the X-games – watching Arlo and Ryan Jacklone on Eurosport defiantly got me hooked along with friends and a older brother who used to skateboard.

RAD: What’s your current setup?

JONAS: White Nimh Shaman boots on a pair of three to four year old grey GC’s – I never wear down frames for some reason..

RAD: How did your interest in making movies and edits begin?

JONAS: I started shooting blading when I was fifteen, and I’ve always watched heaps of media like most kids growing up in the nineties – as time went by I started being very selective about what I expose myself to.

RAD: Whats your all time favorit skate-movie?

JONAS: Brain Fear Gone – that film still causes awe in terms of how it impacted rollerblading then, and how it will impact those who watch it now, ten years later… VG4 “Puppets Of Destiny” might be a close second, maybe this is partly because it was the first skate video I ever bought.

Anders Rishøj - Front full torque to darkside true top porn (In Traitement)

RAD: Now lets talk about your upcoming film, when is it going to drop?

JONAS: February is the plan

RAD: Who’s in it?

JONAS: Dominik Wagner, Kåre Lindberg and Mathieu Heinemann are the ones with the most screen time. But the film also features Jacob Juul, Gabriel Hyden, Marc Moreno, Robert Guerrero and Anders Rishøj. With narration by Rob, Jacob, Dominik and Mat.

Traitement Poster

RAD: Why is it called Traitement? And what does it mean?

JONAS: Traitement means treatment, I felt this was fitting after my last film.

RAD: What’s the main difference between Traitement and your previous productions?

JONAS: Hmm… first thing that pops to mind is words… next thing and more importantly, was trying my best to portray rollerblading with a broader and more timeless stroke, along with these great people I had in front of my lens.

RAD: I happen to know that you work with certain dogmas, why is that?

JONAS: Dogmas are a great way to navigate through confusion, it can be viewed as a tool or a path.

RAD: You skate a lot yourself, and you skate very good! Why haven’t we seen a Jonas Hansson profile or part yet?

JONAS: I do wanna do something when the times is right, I’ve been saying that for too long hehe:)

RAD: Thanks for your answers. We look forward to the movie is out!

JONAS: Thank you, you rad people.

Jonas on location

View Traitement Appetizer

Interview: Ronni Skovmand - Photos: Seth Nicolas & David Grant

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