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Julius Josefsen interview – Whats up with ‘Rollin’ Bash’?

Julius chillin’ in the streets of Olso

RAD: Hello Julius, how is everything?

JULIUS: Hey whuts up! All good, just had a babygirl, so life is ever so exciting!

RAD: Just to get this thing started; Age, city and country?

JULIUS: 28, Oslo, Norway

RAD: Birthplace?

JULIUS: Copenhagen, Denmark

RAD: Years of Rolling?

JULIUS: It´s been 16 years since I met Jimmy and Jakob at the local miniramp, and Jimmy not only dropped from the extention, but also pulled a backflip and left me in awe and ready to purchase my first pair of skates.

RAD: Skate-setup?

JULIUS: USD Richie Eisler Classic Thrones with Kizer Slimline Frames and Euology wheels, waiting for my first pair of Xsjados. Damien II

RAD: Favorite trick at the moment?

JULIUS: Gotta leave that one unanswered, im trying to switch my brain off when i skate these days. That way new tricks and combinations tend to happen.

Fs. unity

RAD: How is the scene right now in Norway? – the “old” scene and the ‘young guns’?

JULIUS: Well, I came to Oslo in 2001. At that time the scene was really peeled down to the core in every norwegian city. The in-line sales boom had imploded and none of the sport-retailers had any interest in the sport. Kjetil Stø didnt seem to care about that though, he used all of his sparetime to administrate norwayinline.com and also worked on all the Troll skate-video projects(1-4 out of 5). He was the guy who held the Rollerblading-culture together AND he was the craziest f**k of ´em all, pulling mad stunts out of the blue! As most of you know, he past away last december. Many people lost a good friend and Norway lost a bit of itself.

The skate-scene in Oslo is constantly changing, there is always somebody moving in or out of town. So its very much alive for sure, but its never really strong enough to get much attention. Still i love skating here. Like Anders Toxboe once said “Oslo is a free city, everybody is friendly and just wanna skate because its fun”. Oslo is dear to me and it contains just about everything you could wish for.

About the yong guns i can say, that the twin-tip popularity has effected the skateparks. You always see new faces. And its pretty obvious that they are skiiers, because they spin and grind looking just about as limber as bunch of construcktionside workers. That aside its always nice to get new blood and talent in the sport.

Bs. torque

RAD: You are the main man behind the newly started ‘Rollin’ Bash‘ – Right?

JULIUS: Well, yes and no. I realised that there was alot of skaters around Oslo that i hadnt heard of and i wondered, why?. I figured that there wasnt alot of competitions or skate-gatherings in norway. When i think about how I met all the skaters I know from back in the day, it seems that Cool Runnings (DM) was the key to all those friendships. So making an event seemed like the right thing to do, Now that im the OG and have a different perspective on things. Events creates bonds and relations. So I started asking around for opinions, sponsors, etc.

Super Bowl saturday, was the first comp and it was a success. this year I started thinking about a scandinavian event after chatting with Tom Ahlqvist. It didnt happen because things take time, especially finding sponsors willing to through 60.000kr at fruitbooting haha..

Anyways, people wanted to have another competition/event in Oslo so I ended up doing the Rollin´Bash with Daniel Sandin Ledang. He´s a super juiced skater, that you´ll see more of in the future for sure!

RAD: Can you explain what it is all about?

JULIUS: Its first of all a day to hook up and do the thing we love the most. Besides that, I think its important to see that we are a big crowd even though we might feel like a minority. Events also gets you inspired, by talent and individual styles of skating. The Rollin´Bash is suppose to feel like a big session for everyone, the competiton flows through the day, with free sessions, music and evolves to the finale, when the judges picks out half of the skaters to a semi finale and then the 5 best for the finale. Music is important to me, and I was stoked by the volenteering of some great DJ´s, it made these events special in my own oppinion. This Year we got attention from the WRS, which is exiting and adds more depth to it all.

Julius and his bike

RAD: We have heard some stories about a pretty sweet hotel-sleepover at ‘First Hotel’ in Oslo – What is that all about?

JULIUS: Haha.. yearh. well, I cut hair for a living, and I have good viaraty of clients. Good things comes out of talking to people all day long. One of them owned one of the fancies Hotels in town, with guests like 50 cent and Barack Obama on the list.. He dropped us 5 rooms for the prizes, and this year another client who is the president of the rival hotel did the same..  I think winning a luxurious hotel stay makes you feel like a real champ. anyways you have a bed to sleep in after a hard day of skating your brains out!

RAD: So we can look forward to some pretty big bowl / Park events all over Scandinavia from now on?

JULIUS: Yes. My plan is to get money for tour busses so we can ride through scandinavia and skate bowls, parks and street. I want a perfectly organized event on every destination, but for that I need some accomplished associates in sweden and denmark. A week of fun with a DM, SM and NM and a Scandinavian comp all in one. I just need Sponsors and Volunteers hehe..  write me, if you´re up for it (julius-josefsen@hotmail.com)

RAD: Any shout outs to the Danish 8-weel’ers?

JULIUS: F**k there´s so many. Lets narrow it down. Jakob and Jimmy made me addicted, Rene Hulgreen is a superhero. Jonas Hansson is a dear friend and Christian and Kåre are the coolest cats. The 2005 copenhagen crew, and all the other doods who are down to skate and what-not!

RAD: Thanks a lot, for talking to us, and we will keep the Danish rollers updated about any ‘Rollin’ Bash’ in the future.

JULIUS: Thanks for the oppetunity. ONE LOVE!

Interview: Ronni Skovmand - Photos: Nils Skogstrøm

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