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PONYCUP – the story behind the weird name

Why is PONYCUP called PONYCUP?

– Theodor Reumert (First year 2010)
Haha, I heard something about that the skatepark used to be a horse stable.

– Kåre Lindberg (First year 2006)
Because it was the plan for the first event that the winner should have a ride on a pony. But it never happened because everybody was to drunk.

– Casper Cordua (First year 2005)
11 years ago nobody knew about the skatepark down in Nykøbing Falster. So me and my old good friend Morten Dorph decided to make a competition. Our main concern was “how do we get people from the big cities to travel all the way to our small town”. Morten heard something about a lot of girls from the local riding school started blading, and he came up with the name ‘Ponycup’. And he also remembered that there have been a competition called that in Nykøbing Falster years before. “so why not steel the name, it is funny and it could create a lot of attention”. Then is was done, and we made the first event.
Later i found out that it was difficult to brand as a rollerblading competition, and it is actually within the last 2-3 years that i created a look for the event, that has anything to do with ponys and riding. But having this funny name actually showed us that , the name is not that important. It is all about the surroundings, the atmosphere and the people.



Photo: Benjamin Büttner

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