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RAM JAM 2020 – Judging Report

Ram Jam 2020 – Judging Report

For the judging of the Ram Jam 2020 a common scoring system was used by the judges in order to judge the competition as fair as possible. This system – which is similar to the system used by Winterclash and FISE – relies on three categories:

Difficulty: How difficult are the tricks the rider performs. This illustrates the rider’s ability to land technically hard tricks or big tricks. Ideally, the rider balances these two types of tricks to showcase their skills.

Flow: How is the rider using the skate park. This category reflects the rider’s ability to (creatively) use the entire skate park. A rider skating only the standard line in the park will score lower than a rider with a line that uses the park in surprising or creative ways. This category also illustrates the flow a rider has in the jam/run. A solid line will result in a higher score than doing a trick, taking a break or a fall and then doing another trick. Consistency is key!

Style: How clean does the rider execute their tricks. This score reflects the rider’s ability to make hard tricks look easy and a chance for the rider to show their personality and creativity in blading.

Each judge gives the rider a score between 0 and 100 for the three categories. The final score is than calculated by averaging each of the judges scores per rider, thereafter, averaging all three judges scores. Underneath is an example of how the scoring system works.

 An example:

Please note:
It is very important to note that the scores cannot be compared between the groups, as different group are evaluated at different levels. E.g. A score of 70 in ‘Boy A’ cannot be compared to a score of 70 in ‘AM’.

The full results and scores can be found below, followed by a small description from the judges.

Description of the results

Below is a short description of the reasoning behind the results, so the riders know what to improve on in their next competition.

Girls B

Sophia surprised everyone with a huge front flip, and scored high on difficulty. But, Othea was the clear winner in this category due to her extensive use of the park, she managed to touch almost all obstacles and impressed with clean 360s. She further improved her flow score by not taking any breaks.

Girls A

Amalie had a solid flow through the park by combining technical grinds and good use of the different obstacles in the park. Helle was close on her heels, but took more breaks and was a little less clean. Both Iben and Juliane knew their way around the park, and got some tricks, and minor differences in style and trick scores made the overall difference.  

Boys B

Vilhelm was the only rider in this category who clearly thought about riding a line, together with his clean grinds and spins this got him the first place. Storm started out mellow, but ended his run with some grinds on different obstacles scoring him high on flow and difficulty, some of the grinds were sketchy which cost him some points on style. Emil had some tricks in both heats, but style an difficulty of the tricks gave him a lower score. Shilas didn’t get many tricks, hence the lower score. Elias score is included, but is taking from the qualifying round.

Boys A

All the judges agreed that the level in the Boys A category was amazing. August performed a run that could have been straight from the Am category. He had huge amplitude on this starting 360 and continued full speed hitting every obstacle he found. Clean grinds and a well thought out run landed him his first place.

Arthur took the second place with amazing technical tricks (top acid to true mizou on the ledge) and a killer last trick with a transfer from the kinkrail to the kinkledge. However, he did not manage to get the amplitude and speed August was showing.

While Jeppe scored high on flow, the difficulty of his tricks was not at the level that August and Arthur showed. The same is true for Julius, who started out strong, but then took some breaks during the run that hurt his flow score.

Carl Emil qualified well but did not recover in his final run properly after a few falls. His last trick, drop in from the speed wall, is per say not the hardest trick, but it takes huge amount of bravery, and is definitely worth mentioning. Is was unfortunately not enough to lift the overall score.

Old Boys

James skated the contest like he was one of the juniors. He kept going, not taking any breaks, and used the park in a lot of creative ways. One of the only riders to high the big ram wall on the pillar and also the only rider besides Felix Falling to transfer over the workshop entrance. A solid 1st place performance.

The other riders were strong on technical or creative tricks, but lacked the flow James showed. Some of the riders spend more time catching their breath than skating. Come on old boys, do some cardio!


There was less than a point difference between the first place and third place in the Am contest, that just goes to show how strong the competition was. All the riders impressed the judges and the crowd with a surprisingly high level of skating.

Bo managed to grab the first place by lacing big trick after big trick throughout the entire skate park and with very few missed tricks. Poema took home the second place with a solid run, effortlessly chaining together trick after trick and using almost all of the skatepark. Ralf ended up on the third place by showing technical skill and style, however he was missing the speed and amplitude Bo and Poema showed. Ralf focused more on specific elements of the park, where both Bo and Poema used more elements of the park.

Bernards and Felix both performed well, but it was clear they just made the transition from the juniors.


In the Pro category the competition was just as fierce as in the Am category, with less than half a point difference between Dominic and Felix. This was one of the rare occasions where the final trick the riders got was the decisive factor.

Dominic skated an impressive run, hitting each and every obstacle in the park. He was the only rider to do tricks on some of the obstacles, and the technical level of the tricks was high. The double wallrides he did are unique and something you hardly see in the sport. The disaster he did as a last trick was sketchy, but landed and that made him the winner of this year’s Ram Jam.

Felix goes fast. It was hard for the judges to keep up with his run, which started with a 360 in which he could probably have touched the roof of the building with his hands. He continued on with trick after trick and kept his speed throughout the run. Unfortunately he did not manage to land his final trick, sustaining a show-stopping injury on his first attempt.

Jacob is a power house and landed some amazing technical tricks, however flow-wise he was not up to the bar that Felix and Dominic set. A well-deserved third place.

Thank you all for an amazing event and see you next year!
Best regards The Judges and the RAD Crew

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