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SRSC 2010 Pre-Session + Tent collection + Roskilde-Festival / SRSC 2010 Line up!

The Pre-Session Event:
Christian Berg is hosting this year’s SRSC 2010 Pre-Session in his home build skatepark “NiMh Skatepark Copenhagen” (Trash Park). So put your skates on and grill sausages in your back pocket on Friday the 25th June at 19:00

Bispevej 2, 2400 København NV (See the place)

Tent collection
The same evening will be the evening where you can deliver your tent. If you want our “RAD Roskilde Team” to put it up for you, when the SRSC 2010 is going down.
For practical reasons we can not accept “Huge tents” – 6 individuals and more

Roskilde-Festival (Program)/ SRSC 2010 Line up!
Billy o Neil
Demitrious Gerorge
Chaz sands
Nick Lomax
Fredrick Andersson
Mathias v Gostomski
Max Visser
Jojo Jacobi
Laena Hegelund
Anders Rishøj
Philipp Preuss
Bart Laubsch
Mark Stamer
Timm Kittlitz
Christan Berg
Kare Lindberg
Tom Ahlqvist
Kim Folmer Andersson
Frederik Kofoed-Sørensen
Ralf Monnerup
Alex Popobic
Jakob Madsen
Daniel Nielsen
Seth Nicolas
Ryan Josol

Jacob Juul (Judge)
Magnus (Speaker)
Alex Schneider (Photo)

We hope to see you

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