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SRSC Helsinki – Brev fra Konsta

Vi modtag idag denne mail Fra Konsta, som er hovedarrangør af SRSC Helsinki. Læs det og del vores begejstring for at ‘Scandinavian Real Street Contest’ for første gang i lang tid faktisk er et 100% skandinavisk mesterskab.

– Tillykke til vinderne her fra.

SRSC Helsinki 07.07.2012

This event have been long in Finland formerly known as ”MUKKO realstreet”. Year 2012 we took a step forward and joined the whole Scandinavia connecting summertour SRSC. Helsinki prelims was the 2nd in contest calendar right after opening event in Denmark.

Since I decided do something new, naturally new spots was needed. After hard work , prices & spots check, Time to put the SRSC Helsinki rolling and find out who will be the last one standing.

Early saturdaymorning dark sky coming up on , but not a singn of me cathcing the mood(in 12-year history weather have never ruined the event). Meet up – and first spot, my atention was suprised by the amount of new beginners who have their contest before main event . So many so talented kids busting a show for first time in this contest, propably first time in any contest. And these kids made clear that there will be new generation coming, well under it´s way.

Second spot shoved us some beatifull blue sky when everyone was arriving to this nice C-ledge.
After short warmup skaters were divided to 3 groups and given a timelimit for executing their stunts. Skaters started to rip back to back, and show potential to finals from the second they´r heat started. Spot two handled. and it was time for a brief moment to eat lunch and get drinks from store.

6 skater made it to finals to chalenge each other and amazing street spot with multiple choices & ways to skate. (2 handrails about 1m distance from each other, 15 stair gap , launch to jump up the stairs and picnictable in midle for grinds and cess´)
Most outsanding tricks to name a few was Samu Kukkonen doing disaster darkside ao porn on the handrails. Lauri Harle 540 gap the monster set and switch sweaty on the rail atached to wall. Lauri rantanen skated with powerblades the whole day and launched 360 up the stairs. Evert Lubja did a nice fishbrain to the rail on wall.
1. Lauri Harle (fin)
2. Evert Lubja (est)
3. Samu Kukkonen &Lauri Rantanen (fin/fin)
5. Joona Tourunen(fin)
6. Joonatan Valve (fin)

(Junior contest : 1. Valtteri Araviita 2. Näm Le 3. Leo Hirvonen)

Thank you everyone for showing up and thanks to all the sponsors for support!
Congratulations for the winners.
See you all in Copenhagen at the finals. (-11th of August)

Konsta Kortteinen


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