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SRSC Malmö – Local · Brev fra Herdman

Tidligere idag modtog vi denne mail Fra Christopher Herdman – og ja SRSC Malmö gik ikke helt som planlagt!

This year was when the SRSC hit Malmö no one was ready for the power and unity of this fantastic sport. It was totally insane with tricks never seen before, tricks OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Wait, okey…no one actually turend up to skate except Jack Ekholm & Santiago Gende. Some other Oldies tured up to drink beer, so thats what went down, beer and discussions about drinking beer.

The good thing about this is that we’r showing that we don’t really take ourselves too seriously, and the bad thing about that is that we don’t really take ourselves too seriously. Scandinavia is a rough place to skate, the weather is often shit witch dissolves the skaters positive state of mind.
The hope of this ”Sport” gaining possibilities for the next generation is hitting a fucking wall because of the egotism. What to do about that? I have not got a fucking clue.

See you next year maybe.


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