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W-U-T Q & A with Frederik Kofoed

Frederik Kofoed

Frederik Kofoed? – Spring King 2012? – you don’t know the name? In short time you will. Frederik is known for his unique style on blades and for dancing to 60’s and 70’s music with both hands in the air! Frederik just started filming for his new project; W-U-T, and here you have a Q n’ A on whats going on.

Frederik filming Kåre Lindberg in Malmø, Sweden
Frederik filming Kåre Lindberg in Malmø, Sweden

RAD: Hi’ Frederik, how are you doing?

FREDERIK: I feel so good right now, the Sun has finally shown its face, and just got home from a small trip to Malmö with the crew.

RAD: For people who don’t know you, please introduce your self?

FREDERIK: Right now I work building wood furnitures, live in Copenhagen, 50 meters from the local park with one of my best pals (Palle Skovhede). I love oatmeal and hate dogs and cats. Besides skating, I use a lot of time to talk about my sideburns.

RAD: Whats your current set-up?

FREDERIK: Roces M12 UFS, GG frame and Chimera wheels

RAD: Whats Your all-time favorite skate-movie?

FREDERIK: Roces team vid ”Face The Music”

RAD: We heard some rumers about you making a new skate-movie, whats that all about?

FREDERIK: That’s right. I bought a new camera and I’ve recently started filming my best friends having fun. We will film for the whole season, which means half a year if we’re lucky ’cause the weather is usually shitty here in Denmark. In other words, you can expect an invitation to the premiere already this year.

W-U-T crew, Malmø, Sweden
W-U-T crew, Malmø, Sweden

RAD: Who will be in it? – can we expect profiles?

FREDERIK: Hard to say right now, but I started discussing the project with Kåre Lindberg, Christian Berg, Anders Rishøj And Palle Skovhede, so you can expect full profiles with these guys and course myself. But the whole gang are all out blading and filming as much as possible and I know Jacob Juul, Casper Cordua, Jacob Højmark, Niels Gundtoft and Jonas Madsen also will be a big part of the film. Those are all danish bladers.
We’re also planning schemes with a lot of friends from out of Denmark you’ll just have to wait and see who that might be.

RAD: what are your thoughts about making a profile with yourself?

FREDERIK: Same thoughts as the other guys I guess. We are all pretty much in control over our own profile. I mean my idea is to let people skate to whatever music they want, and say how I should put it together and so forth. So it’s gonna be really different parts, and I think that that’s gonna be fun to make, and hopefully fun to watch, cause you will see bigger variations as opposed to seeing everything only through the video-makers’ eyes.

RAD: Will the movie be a full feature DVD/Blu-ray or are you more into the online thing?

FREDERIK: I have a love/hate felling about cyberspace, It’s so fucking easy to put your shit on vimeo, but sometimes too easy. You will be able to buy it, enough said.

Christian Berg filming Frederik, Fælledparken, Copenhagen
Christian Berg filming Frederik, Fælledparken, Copenhagen

RAD: What does the name W-U-T mean? – and why?

FREDERIK: Its a abbreviation of “Wind Up Toys”. Just ’cause. Deal with it.

RAD: When will it drop?

FREDERIK: ..when the sun leaves us.

RAD: Any shoud outs?

FREDERIK: Brandon Campbell’s intro-line in Killerboots.

RAD: Thank you for talking to us, we are looking so much forward!!

FREDERIK: Thanks to the R-A-D brahs for making it much “Rad’er” to blade in Denmark.

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